Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Trip to Seattle

For Memorial Day weekend we decided to take a trip to Seattle to visit my grandparents and catch a baseball game. It takes us normally about 4 1/2 hours, but with Lucas we had to take an extra stop to feed him and let him out of his carseat to play a little. He was so excited about the steering wheel.

We stopped at a scenic view of the Columbia River.

We walked around Greenlake in Seattle. Whenever I visited my grandparents as a kid we would go there and walk, run, rollerblade, swim there. We loved it. When Ryan was going through his cancer treatments in Seattle, he used to walk around it when he had enough energy. And now since we have been married we have gone there each time we visit Seattle. It is fun that we both have memories of Seattle and so we both love going there.

Silly boy

Cheesy smile

We stayed at my aunt's house and just blocks from her house was this great walking trail and this amazing view of the Puget Sound:

Luckily Lucas likes being in the Baby Bjorn because he was in it a lot this weekend.

A love of baseball and the Mariners has been passed down. Like Grandpa, like Father, like Son.

Lucas was a little like this during the game:

But then woke up and was like this:

He is such a happy baby. My grandpa, aunt, and cousin couldn't believe how good he was. With naps on the go and a new place, he was a champ. We are so happy that we know that we can take him on little trips and that he will do great. That is so incredible. We know that we are so lucky.
My Grandpa is turning 91 this week! He was so happy to have us visit. He gave Lucas toy trains and a baseball mitt.
My Grandma is getting old and doesn't always recognize me when I visit, but she kept smiling at Lucas and saying "Hi cutie."

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