Thursday, September 5, 2013

Family Pictures

My talented 17 year old niece took some pictures of us a couple of weeks ago. She did a great job! We were happy to have some updated family pictures.

Lucas being silly, but I love it

Shooting his lasers

Park and Cousin's camp

Summer is the best. All the cousins are out of school and Lucas loves being able to play and swim with them. His cousins from Utah came for a week and we organized a cousin's camp and did tons of fun stuff with them.




Painting boats

Riding in the garage at Grandma and Grandpa's

Sharing Ducky with Baby Crosby

Wrapping Ducky up and making sure he was okay. This boy wants to be a big brother and will be a great one!

Cousins' picture

The boys

He wanted to hold baby Crosby's hand

This is what I got when I told him to smile for me

Luckily he did smile. What a handsome little guy!

He saw some deer in the backyard

What is this move?!

Ron's Drive In with Grandma

Playing Peek-a-boo with Ezra

Another day, another ice cream cone

The cousins were putting on a show

Too bright Mommy! Glow in the dark dance party



We have been having a fun-filled summer. I have been slacking in keeping up with the blog lately, so we are going to do a recap in pictures. And I have a few more posts to post.
We went to Ryan's uncle's lake house and he took us out on the boat. Lucas loved it.

Ice cream is a must on summer days

Lucas chose to wear his batman cape to the library and I loved every second of it

This boy loves corn

Relaxing by the pool eating his favorite, cheetos

This was my date for a Sunday evening walk when Ryan was at meetings

Superman on the swing

He could swing all day, everyday

And the next day, he was Batman

Lucas is ready for football season to start

This bunny has been hanging out in our yard most nights and Lucas loves it. Apparently it is our neighbor's, but he kind of just runs around the neighborhood.

Lucas gave him a carrot

We needed to changed the battery and Lucas got his batman gloves on to help


Swim party for his little friend

Hanging by the pool with cousins, eating chips

We still have a lot of yard sale stuff and Lucas found these ski boots and calls them his Buzz Lightyear boots

Another garage sale find that he loves to wear

Baseball game. He loved climbing up and watch the pitcher and catcher warm up in the bullpen