Sunday, September 30, 2012


This week we went with Ryan's brother, sister, and their families to an apple orchard and pumpkin patch. We went on a tour of the apple orchard, learned about how they make apple cider, and played in some sweet peas. We also went through a corn maze and jumped on a huge air pillow. We had a blast! Lucas loved being with his cousins and feeling like a big kid.  

Tate helping Lucas try to pick an apple

Playing in the sweet peas. He saw his cousins trying to make "pea angels"

Trying to find a pumpkin to pick

Getting chased by his cousin, Oliver

Lucas wanted to drive every tractor that he saw

Lucas wasn't too sure about this air pillow at first, but then loved it!



Dinner and an ice cream cone after the fun day


While I brush Lucas' teeth, Ryan usually goes into Lucas' room and hides Ducky. He loves to go in his room and find what Ducky is doing. This was the other night and Lucas thought it was really funny that Ducky was wearing his tie:

Then he tried to put him back up
Lucas is really into hiding. He says "hide it" when he hears the garage door open and knows that Ryan is coming in. He usually hides under a blanket on the couch and thinks it is hilarious. He is a pretty good hider until he starts giggling. He also likes to hide in our bed. What a silly boy!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Eating with mama

We were eating lunch before church last week and Lucas climbed up into my lap so he could eat some of my salad. He wanted to hold the fork and feed me and then him. He is a good eater and likes salad. He loves celery and broccoli too.


We spotted this Buzz at a local store and Lucas was so happy to push the huge Buzz's buttons. He loves Buzz.

My parents are leaving on an 18 month mission in just a couple of days. They came and stayed with us last week and brought an early birthday present for Lucas. It was wrapped and Lucas was just sitting on it and standing on it and didn't really know it was a present. Then all of the sudden he stood on it just right and Buzz started talking. He got so excited. "Buzz! Buzz!" We helped him open it and we couldn't open it fast enough for Lucas. Here is a video Ryan took on his phone:

He was so happy. He loves pushing all the buttons and making Buzz's wings go up and light up. It is a great present for a 2 year old!