Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Moving and windows

A few things brought us to the idea of trying to sell our house. We put it on the market and within days we had multiple offers. We were excited, but didn't have any idea where we were going to live. We found a great house that we absolutely love! It is bigger and has a bigger yard and we are so happy with the decision to move. We only moved a few miles away. We love our neighborhood. Lucas is so excited with the big yard and demands that we go play outside. "Side" is what he says. We have these big front windows that he loves to watch for Daddy. He gets so excited when he sees Ryan pull up. He pounds on the windows and waves like crazy. The other day Ryan was mowing the lawn and Lucas got on his chair and kept pounding on the window trying to get Ryan's attention. Ryan didn't hear him, but it was pretty cute of Lucas to keep trying. 
Let me know if you need our new address

Toy Story

On our trip to Yellowstone we brought a portable DVD player for Lucas. My sister had given us Toy Story and so I turned it on for Lucas. Ever since then he has been completely obsessed. "Buzz, Buzz!" is the first thing basically everyday that he says. I walked by the toy aisles at Target and he saw a Buzz and wouldn't stop saying Buzz until I picked it up for him. I let him play with it in the cart, while I kept shopping. He was sad that he couldn't take it home. We have seen him watching Buzz in so many different ways. And when he watches it, he completely zones out. We can't get his attention at all!
At our hotel before Yellowstone


For my family reunion we went to Yellowstone. Ryan, Lucas, and I drove there a day early so that we could enjoy more of it. We had such a great time in the park! We loved it. It was so beautiful and there was so much to see. Lucas had a good time and was a good sport of getting in and out of the car (for the most part). For the reunion we stayed in a big house outside of Yellowstone and had an awesome time playing. All 6 of my sisters were there with their families and so there was a total of 30 people in the house. It was a big house! Lucas loved playing with his cousins. I am going to post a lot of pictures. Enjoy! You will want to go to Yellowstone now too!
Grand Canyon of Yellowstone was one of our favorite parts
Overlooking the lower falls of the Grand Canyon
Lucas stood on this rock and waved at everyone that passed. There was a group of Chinese people that thought he was so cute and waved back. One of the women said, "You are the king of cuteness!"

Lucas was getting kind of tired at this point and just pulled down his hat over his eyes
My parents have 15 grandchildren--8 boys, 7 girls. They are about to leave on an 18 month mission for our church to Paris, France!
Beautiful sunset on the dock at the house we stayed at

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Posts to come

We are having a very busy summer. We have recently moved and we went on vacation. We are still trying to get settled in our house and will be getting internet soon. I have a few posts to make. Lucas has a few new favorite things (ie obsessions) and is learning new words everyday.