Friday, January 27, 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Snow day

We got some snow more than a week ago. We were planning on pulling Lucas in a sled the other day but it was rainy and sloppy. Today before naptime I took Lucas outside to see the snow. He was the happiest little boy to be able to walk and explore. He loved it. He was extremely unhappy when we had to go inside. I promised that we could play outside again after his nap.

Literally running and screaming for joy!

Ghost baby

Lucas is so silly sometimes. Lately he makes us put the blanket on his head and he runs around. We pretend he is a little ghost. It is pretty funny:

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Career Aspiration

We like to think that some of the things that Lucas is interested in right now are some of his career aspirations. He loves opening the cupboard with the pots and pans. He takes them all out and puts the lids on and moves them all around. If he has a spoon or anything that resembles a spoon, he will stir. So one of his career aspirations right now is a cook/chef/iron chef/next great baker. Stay tuned for more of his aspirations.


Lucas did really well with his first haircut and Ryan did great! I was a little worried at first, but it turned out perfect. I was a little sad too, just because our little boy is growing up so fast.

Friday, January 13, 2012

15 months old!

15 months and another check up at the doctor and 3 more shots.

Weight: 20.5 lbs................3%
Height: 32 inches..............78%
Head Circ: 18 inches.........18%

There was a different nurse at the doctor's today and Lucas did not like her from the start. He got really sad when she was measuring and weighing him. He was really happy when she left. While we waited for the doctor he "jumped" off the table into my arms and loved it. He liked the doctor until he had to lay down on the table. He is healthy and happy. When the nurse came back in he started crying before he was even put on the table, but the shots were not so fun. He did pretty well considering that he skipped his morning nap.

Lucas is getting so big. Some days we look at him and think that he grew overnight. He is not saying any words yet, but he sure understands a lot. He grabs his jacket when he sees us put on ours. He was really sad when Ryan was leaving and Lucas got his jacket, but he wasn't going. He loves taking out all the pots and pans and will play with them for a long time. He only likes me putting him to bed. Sometimes Ryan tries to put him down for bed but he will just reach for the door and wait for me to put him down. The other day I was gone at night and thought that since I wasn't there he would go down for Ryan, but that was not the case. Ryan gave him his milk, read him stories, and sang him songs just like I do, but Lucas was not having it. He finally brought him back downstairs and Lucas just stood at the garage door waiting for me to come home. We are really trying to get him to learn that Daddy can put him to bed too. We will keep trying. He has 12 teeth and I haven't noticed any new ones coming in lately.

He is a happy baby and we are so grateful to have him in our family. Ryan was sick the other day and Lucas just cuddled with him, it was so sweet. He makes us so happy everyday and we love him so much. We have a few videos that we need to post showing his personality and he got his first haircut this week. I will post pictures from that soon.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Random holiday pictures and videos

Christmas jammies with Lucas' cousins

He loves his baths, he sometimes forgets he needs to take his jammies off first

Just the boys lounging and watching tv

We made gingerbread houses with some friends

Somehow Lucas knows that the keys open the door

We got a new car seat for Lucas and he immediately wanted to sit in it when I got it out of the box

He got this cute sock monkey jacket for Christmas

Lucas and Ryan watching football. Lucas has his comfy chair and a remote he can hit daddy with.

Lucas gets mad when Ryan and I kiss or hug or cuddle as you can see in this video (taken with my phone):

Bath time, he is trying how to learn to blow bubbles:

Sunday, January 1, 2012


We spent Christmas Eve night at Ryan's sister's house. She and her husband have 4 kids that just love Lucas. They had a fun time on Christmas morning.

Lucas found his stocking and present

His new favorite toy. We thought that he would like this, but we were wrong: He LOVES it.

Giving Ryan a hug

Christmas morning all ready to go to church

After church we went back to our house for a nap and then he opened all of his other presents. Julie gave him this awesome chair that he loves.

So many presents!

We then went to Ryan's parent's house for more presents! and dinner. He loves his toy car.

Cuddling and playing with Grandpa

The next morning Lucas was so excited about his xylophone.