Friday, May 13, 2011

7 months old!

Lucas is already 7 months old. What a big boy! Several people just recently have mentioned how he lost his new baby look and now he is a little boy. He is getting so big and he is so curious about new things. He is doing really well at sitting and can sit for a long time without falling over. He loves the stroller. We have been going on lots of walks now that it is nice, sometimes even 2 a day, and he just sits and looks at everything and sometimes falls asleep. He loves playing with the remote. I guess he sees us using it and wants to play. Ryan gave him the extra one, but when Lucas saw that there were two he wanted both of them. He loves playing peek-a-boo now and really giggles when we peek out. There is a baby channel on TV that we have recently found. There is a show on it called baby gym and so Lucas and I everyday do his little baby gym. He really likes it. We do little stretches, activities, and sing some songs. It is really fun. He is eating like a champ. He has eaten lots of veggies and his favorite is squash. He just started fruit and likes bananas. He also started eating oatmeal today! It kind of feels like he is getting one of his top teeth coming in. He has had his bottom two teeth for 2 months now.
Lucas is such a great little baby. He sleeps from about 9:30-8ish everyday and then takes 3 naps throughout the day. He is kind of transitioning out of his third nap, but if he doesn't fall asleep before dinner he falls asleep in the stroller or car. We love our little boy. He makes us laugh so much. He is such a joy to have in our home.

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  1. He is ADORABLE! I love the progressive car seat pictures. I absolutely love how much you and Ryan are enjoying every second with him. We love you all!!! Shirley, Brooks and fam