Tuesday, February 28, 2012


4 posts in one day!
I love the library and I think that Lucas loves it too. We got to the children's section and he immediately ran to the little table, climbed on and grabbed the play keyboard and started walking around with it. He loves computers and pounding on the keys. This was perfect for him.

He liked looking at the kids playing on the computer, luckily there were kids on the computer because he normally climbs all over them.

Trying to climb on the shelf

Hairdresser and Cleaner

Lucas loves being right by my side, basically all day long. He has recently learned how to climb on the toilet and stands there while I get ready. He will take my makeup brushes, hairbrushes, and combs to use them correctly. He made me give him my curling iron (not hot or plugged in) and he started "curling" his hair.

I was sweeping the floor today and Lucas got the dustpan and started "helping" me. I grabbed the little sweeper and gave it to him, thinking that it would be easier to use than the broom, but I guess he didn't know what it was and started brushing his hair. Silly boy.

A boy and his ducky

Lucas still loves his ducky. It usually stays in his crib but on days that we go to babysit it is in my diaper bag for his naps. He usually finds him and snuggles with him and this time he even wrapped his blanket around him and started patting him. I guess he thought ducky needed to take his nap.

Ryan just said the other day that we really do need to buy some back up Duckys, just in case.

Sick boy

Lucas was sick last week and it was the first time that he has been really sick. He had a high fever for a few days. He was cuddled basically the whole time he was awake and didn't want to be put down. We took him to the doctor to see what was going on. He didn't have any kind of infection so we kept treating him with tylenol and motrin. Luckily the fever came down and he slowly returned back to his normal self. It is nice to have him back, but it was sweet how he just wanted to cuddle.

One day I needed to get up and when I came back this is how I found him with his remote:

Waiting to go see the doctor

Breakfast on the couch

Getting back to his normal self

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Future Jedi and Singer/Songwriter

These were taken with my phone, sorry about the low quality, but you can see that Lucas wants to be a Jedi so he fight with his light saber or a singer/songwriter:

Favorite spots

Cuddling up with Ducky on our bed

Lucas runs to the fridge when it is open and always climbs up and moves things around.

He also loves getting on the dishwasher and taking out any utensils and playing with them

Reading on our bed

Lucas has recently discovered how to climb into the dryer and thinks it is so fun. He loves to bring a phone in there for all his important calls and texts.

He also has been loving to climb into the laundry basket with Ducky and eat crackers and watch tv while I fold the laundry. Silly boy.