Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Carving pumpkins, guess who did each pumpkin?

Lucas saying cheese and giving Woody high fives
Puss in Boots! We went trick or treating at the high school and he got so much candy!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

2 Years Old!

This was after his flu shot
Lucas is 2 years old now!
He is 25.3 lbs----15%
And he is 34.5 inches----53%

His language is really picking up right now. I think that the trip to Minnesota and Indiana really helped because we stayed with our friends that both have 3 year old boys. He learned a lot from playing with them. Our favorite thing that he now says is "appreciate it." It is super cute. He loves repeating the things that we say.
He still loves Buzz and Shrek. He now really likes Despicable Me, Robots, and Puss in Boots too. It is good that we can have more of an assortment.
He loves playing with his cousins and friends. He likes calling them "kids" or "guys." We went to a little baby shower for my sister in law and he got so excited when he saw his 3 year old cousin. He also loves looking at the new baby and holds out his hands to hold him. He will be a great older brother when the time comes.
He eats almost anything that we give him. I made some curry the other night and he loved it. He loves eating celery, cooked or raw. And he loves broccoli.
Lucas has still been climbing out of crib and thinks that he is so great, but then the moment he sees us, he knows that he wasn't supposed to get out.
He is a great kid and we love watching him grow up. I can't believe that he is already 2! I am hoping that the terrible twos aren't real or too bad for him.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Indiana Trip

After we went to Minnesota, Lucas and I flew to Indiana for a few days to visit my best friend and her family. We were roommates in college and she is pretty much the coolest person ever. It was fun to see our kids play together. We had so much fun being in Indiana! Thanks Buddy! I am not sure where it came from but we started calling each other Buddy in college. It was really funny to hear her kids call me Buddy or Lucas' mom. I am still not sure if they know my real name.

Maureen's 6 year old wanted to celebrate the Chinese holiday, Mid-Autumn Festival even though it was a couple of weeks ago. We made dragon masks and lit this latern. It was really fun!

This turned out really cool and went really far

We went to a fun place called Conner Prairie and ate apple donuts and an apple sundae.

They had a play area for kids and Lucas loved this farmer hat

He was pretty excited about this cash register and learned a new word "dollars"

He loves sweeping

Peter and Lucas riding the horses
These goats were triplets and 1 month old

Yah for Fall!

We were in Indiana so Lucas wore his Colts shirt

Lucas insisted on bringing Ducky on the swing with him


Birthday Trip to Minnesota

We flew to Minnesota on October 11 so that we could spend Lucas' 2nd birthday with his birth family. We had such a great trip. It was so fun to see everyone. Lucas had a blast being the center of attention everywhere he went. He got very spoiled! We got to do lots of fun things and eat at a lot of places that we don't have. We were also able to go to my 8-year-old nephew's baptism. It was a great weekend! Saturday, October 13, was his birthday and we had a fun day. Here are some pictures from our trip.

Julie and Lucas

We stayed at our good friend's house and their 6 year old daughter put up decorations for Lucas' birthday.

He was a pretty excited 2 year old, the sugar in the root beer definitely helped

Lucas gets so excited and scared to see dogs

Julie's mom brought toys for Lucas to play with. It was a great idea and Lucas loved all the toys!

Buzz and Woody cake, very perfect

Lucas and Scottie

Trevor, Lucas, and Scottie

Lucas was really excited about this truck, but all Ryan and I could think about was how we were going to get it home!

He didn't want to wear the crown at Chuck E Cheese, but once we got in the car he put it on

I fit the tonka truck in my suitcase!
We had so much fun! We love you all so much!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday

We are leaving to go to Minnesota on Thursday to celebrate his 2nd birthday with his birth family. We are so excited to see everyone! We decided to do a little birthday get together for our family before we left. It was not nearly as elaborate as last year. It was quick and easy. I saw a friend's blog and she did a hungry caterpillar party for her son. Lucas really likes that book so I decided to make it a party.
Cute, easy cupcake "cake"

I used my Olympic rings cookie cutter and made these cute caterpillars

"On Monday the caterpillar ate through one apple, but he was still hungry..."


He was really excited about blowing out the candles and practiced before the real thing. When he blew them out he raised his arms and said "YEA!!!"

We let Lucas "open" his present early and he loves it! WHEEEEEE!!!