Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just pictures

Having a video monitor helps us so that we can catch all the crazy positions he gets into in his sleep:

We thought this would only happen once, but this is the second time we caught him with his binkie on his face!

Hanging out with his papa

He is a deep thinker in his sleep

Lucas loves trying to drink out of the cups we are drinking out of

Toga boy

Sitting in his high chair eating, but looking so little

Lucas is getting two new teeth on the top, maybe three. One of his front teeth popped through yesterday and the one next to it is coming in too. We think that his other front tooth might be, but he won't let us investigate for very long. We are amazed at how well he does getting teeth. He has just been a little drooly, but not too cranky. He is such a good little baby.

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