Friday, May 9, 2014

More updating: April, Easter, and Utah Trip

We went to the doctor and he sat down and needed to read every single pamphlet before we could go home

Getting tires changed so we ate lunch at Costco

I bought this coat on clearance and he demanded to wear it even though it was 60 degrees out

Lucas loves going to his friends' house. And not only when they are home. We were on a walk and he asked to go to their house. I told them that they were at school and he said "Maybe their mom and dad are home?" And I told him that they were gone and he said "Maybe the door is unlocked?" He just loves playing with all their toys.
 We went on a pretty hike around Lake Couer d'Alene. Lucas didn't last too long hiking, but he is getting pretty big to carry in the backpack. But luckily Ryan had him on his back.

Lucas got to have 3 Easter egg hunts. He was really excited about them. Funny thing: He really does not like the color pink. He passed up many pink Easter eggs because they are for girls!

Grandma Darcey sent a big Easter basket and Lucas was so excited!
 Another day, another Easter egg hunt, same Superman boy.

He got this as one of his prizes at the Easter egg hunt, he loved it

We went to the circus and Lucas really liked it. He said his favorite part was the elephants. He really wanted to see the tigers, but they announced early on that they were stuck in Chicago.

Donuts after the circus and Lucas ate 2 full donuts!

Ducky has been Lucas' right hand man for over 3 years. He has now had 4 surgeries.
Lucas loves Ducky so much.
 Easter Sunday and all dressed up

Lucas loved seeing the Easter bunny and had absolutely no idea that it was his Aunt Marianne.

Wearing Grandpa's beard hat
My sister, Nicole, her daughter, Abby, Lucas, and I drove to Utah to surprise my parents when they got home from their 18 month mission to France.

My mom was so surprised and so happy to see us.
Lucas had told Ryan that he wouldn't hug her, but would give her a kiss. Luckily that changed and he was immediately wrapping his arms around her.

My dad giving the kids noogies
 We went to Temple Square and Lucas loved seeing the temple. It was a great experience to be there with my family.

Lucas was so amazed at Jesus

The Tabernacle where the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings

My parents with 4 of their 15 grandchildren

The Conference Center

This boy touched every water feature that he could

My dad helping Lucas to grow

Skyler and Lucas, Superman and Batman

Uncle Ryan was showing Lucas how superheroes stand

Lucas chose what we were going to do for Family Home Evening, good choice.

With his best buddies, Titan and Emerson

Lucas and I went on a hike with some friends, he only hiked for the last 2 minutes, I had him in the backpack the rest of the 2 hours.