Thursday, January 20, 2011

All his noises

And another one:

The real thing

I finally captured Lucas giggling on camera. Sorry that he isn't in the middle of the camera, I was trying to keep him concentrated on me and not the camera.

And here is him playing "Peek-a-boo"

Cute shirts

Just Arrived

#01 with the Ladies

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lucas loves football

Looking so cute on the big chair

Daddy and Lucas loved watching the Seahawks beat the Saints last Saturday! It was a great game, a huge surprise victory. Lucas is definitely a Seahawks fan, he even has a jersey! But the Vikings are his second favorite team!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just Lucas

After taking a nice bath

He loved this chair...we played many games with my family while he slept

Sometimes after eating, Lucas will fall asleep and look so adorable on the boppy

He is still loving his toy and looking like a big boy in his new outfit

We had a wonderful Christmas holiday with some of my family. There was always someone wanting to hold and play with Lucas. My mom called my sister a baby hog! On Christmas Eve, he slept through the night and basically every night since then he has slept for about 8-9 hours straight. It has been amazing. He is such a good little boy.

The drive home was long because of a huge snow storm, but we made it safely and Lucas did really well. He was happy to have his aunt and uncle in the back to entertain him when he wasn't sleeping. On the way there he was so mad to be in his carseat for the last hour or so.

Lucas is growing so much! Some of the outfits that I brought for him were too short by the end of the week. It seems like he grew about 2 inches. Our family was shocked when they saw how big he got in the week that we were gone. He is officially in 0-3 month clothes and not wearing too many newborn outfits anymore.

Last night Ryan was holding him on his lap with Ryan's knees up. Lucas had a blanket on and he would pull his hands up and the blanket would come with them. It would cover his face and then he would squeal as he pulled it back down. He was playing peek-a-boo! It was so cute. We were laughing so hard at his squeals.

Lucas is on a really good schedule now. He sleeps, eats, plays, and then repeats the cycle over and over. It is so nice to know approximately when he will wake up and then when he will eat and sleep throughout the day. I know when I can run errands and when to schedule appointments.

Ryan and I will frequently look at Lucas and say, "He is so cute! It makes my brain explode." And it is true. He is such a cute, sweet, and wonderful little baby. We are so so so blessed to be his parents. We love him so much!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

Lucas giggled for the first time on December 26. He only did it once and then he didn't do it for another few days. He was so giggly. We tried to capture it on video, but I didn't make it downstairs to get the camera in time to capture the best of his giggles. This video is just basically him being cute!

Then this one is him realizing that I am filming him and getting camera shy.