Friday, June 15, 2012

20 months old!

His shirt says "Gold Medalist in Training." We are getting ready for the Olympics in only 45 more days!
Lucas is already 20 months old! Wow! He is getting so big. He must have just gone through or still going through a growth spurt because he just is so much taller. He can climb onto the couch, our bed, and out of the bathtub because he is taller. He also climbs up into his high chair when he is ready to eat. He learned how to climb up and down the stairs front ways. He rarely wants us to hold him while going down the stairs. He has to do it himself. He usually holds onto a cell phone, ducky, or my hair straightener with one hand and the wall with the other and walks down. We have a night-time routine where he drinks his milk, brushes his teeth, and then we all go upstairs in his room and say prayers. He recently started kneeling down like Ryan and me and folding his arms all ready for the prayer. What a sweet boy!

He is starting to say a few more words. His favorites are No! Yes! and Me Me Me! The other day I was asking him to say mommy and he would say dad. Ryan and I kept trying to get him to say mommy, but of course then he thought it was some joke so he would only say dad. He also can say duck, juice, house, baby, and a few other things. We are thinking that he will just staying a bunch of words all of the sudden.

He is starting to play with kids a little bit more. We had some of his cousins over and he wanted them to come upstairs to his room. He pulled on their shirts and waved his hand to say come on, come on. He loves playing in his room and demands that when Ryan gets home they go upstairs and play in there. He is still a dancing machine whenever he hears a Maroon 5 song. The other day we had the basketball game on and Maroon 5 came on in the background and he couldn't help himself but start dancing. It is really fun.

We are excited for summer and to be outside and play. He is getting more adventurous at the park and will go down the slide and on the playground equipment. He loves swinging in a baby swing. He loves chasing birds at the park too.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Dancing boy

The other night we had a Jack Johnson concert on TV and we were trying to get Lucas to dance. Then we turned on the Maroon 5 concert and Lucas totally got down. It wasn't just his arm moving, it was his whole body. Check out the videos and you will see how crazy he got: