Sunday, October 12, 2014


July brought us lots of fun. We played outside, at the pool, at the lake, and went on hikes. We had a great time when Julie came and visited us. And we added 2 little boys to our home. Isaac came into our home full time on July 10 and then Logan was born on July 23 and we picked him up at the hospital. Lucas is a great big brother and always so helpful. It is so fun to watch him finally be a big brother. 

Can you tell how excited Lucas was to have Julie here?!?

Thanks for coming Julie! We love you and are so so so happy to have you come and play!

After Julie left we hurried and got everything ready for Isaac to come stay with us permanently. Lucas and Isaac share a room. If they wake up at the same time, Lucas will climb into the crib and I just hear them giggling. It is such a sweet sound. I know Lucas is so happy.

Our last outing as a family of 3

Lucas loves going swimming. He has gotten a lot more confident in the water and it is fun to see him play.

Lucas helped me paint a dresser for his room

Titan and Lucas are such good buddies

Lucas reading to Isaac


We almost got a babysitter to go pick Logan up from the hospital. We are so happy that we didn't and that Lucas could have that experience of seeing his brother in the hospital. He is now a little confused as to why we prayed for a baby so long when we could have gone to the hospital to pick one up!

Aunt Gail sent a package for the boys and sent  Lucas a toy, he was so excited!

Titan and Lucas out at the lake

During Ryan's paternity leave, we spent most days outside in this hippo pool. The boys loved it.

Such a proud big brother

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