Sunday, October 12, 2014


August brought us time with baby Logan, cousin's camp, my parents came and stayed with us (Lucas loved playing firefighters and superheroes with my mom), the start of football season, and a trip to Seattle for a Mariner's game for Ryan's birthday.

"Mommy, I want to feed Logan." 2 minutes later "Mommy, I can't feed Logan and play with my toys."

The cutest superhero cousins around. Lucas would and does dress up everyday

I walked in on this sweet moment. Lucas said that Logan was crying and so he climbed up and got in his baby Moses basket to give him his binky and to comfort him. Lucas loves baby Logan so much!

Lucas and his newest sidekick

Ryan was working on a Saturday and Lucas really wanted to go to Build and Grow. I loaded the three boys up and took him. Lucas is such a cute boy and loves using tools.

The first BYU game of the season means blue Y cookies
 Lucas had so much fun at the Mariners game. He wore his Mariner moose shirt and got to give the mascot a high five. He was pretty pumped. He also loved all the stadium food.

Lucas wasn't too impressed with our walk around Greenlake

On the trip home

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