Friday, October 19, 2012

Indiana Trip

After we went to Minnesota, Lucas and I flew to Indiana for a few days to visit my best friend and her family. We were roommates in college and she is pretty much the coolest person ever. It was fun to see our kids play together. We had so much fun being in Indiana! Thanks Buddy! I am not sure where it came from but we started calling each other Buddy in college. It was really funny to hear her kids call me Buddy or Lucas' mom. I am still not sure if they know my real name.

Maureen's 6 year old wanted to celebrate the Chinese holiday, Mid-Autumn Festival even though it was a couple of weeks ago. We made dragon masks and lit this latern. It was really fun!

This turned out really cool and went really far

We went to a fun place called Conner Prairie and ate apple donuts and an apple sundae.

They had a play area for kids and Lucas loved this farmer hat

He was pretty excited about this cash register and learned a new word "dollars"

He loves sweeping

Peter and Lucas riding the horses
These goats were triplets and 1 month old

Yah for Fall!

We were in Indiana so Lucas wore his Colts shirt

Lucas insisted on bringing Ducky on the swing with him


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  1. We had the best time with you guys! We are so glad you visited. The pictures are great!