Thursday, December 15, 2011

14 months old

This little guy is 14 months old. I just weighed him this morning and on our scale it says that he is 19.6lbs. When we try to get his jammies on at night he loves to jump up and run around in his diaper until we catch him. And he usually steals one of our phones. We still have him in his infant carseat, but we did look at them the other day so he will soon be upgraded to a convertible carseat. Very fancy.
Lucas now has 12 teeth. His molars all popped in, no wonder why he has been such a drooler lately. He walks like a pro and is getting really fast. He learned how to climb down the stairs only after a couple tumbles. He loves opening the cupboards that has the pots and pans in it. He will pull out a pot and lid and play with it for a long time, several times a day. He likes brings us things: pots, toys, stuffed animals, books, anything. We know he is tired when he brings us a book and climbs into our laps. The other day Ryan was laying on the floor and Lucas just laid down and snuggled up to him. He is such a sweet boy. This morning he was playing and then just came back to me and cuddled on me. Those are some of my favorite moments.

We put the Christmas tree up a couple of weeks ago when Lucas was asleep. When he first saw it, he was really surprised. He doesn't bother it too much. We have a nativity that he can play with and we find pieces to that all over the house. Christmas is only 10 days away! We love Jesus Christ and are trying to teach Lucas, starting at a very young age, the reason for Christmas. We hope that everyone has a happy and safe holiday season.

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  1. So cute... I received your Christmas card in the mail yesterday! Sooo Cute!