Tuesday, November 29, 2011


We went to my Grandma's for Thanksgiving this year. Have you seen Napoleon Dynamite? The egg farm on it is my grandparent's and so that is where we were. There was tons of family and tons of amazing food. We had 45 people there and 31 pies! It was a long drive but well worth it. Lucas did great in the car and was so happy when he was there. He loved my uncles for some reason, but wouldn't go near my Grandma or aunts. He recently started doing this fake laugh and sometimes would just stand in the middle of a group of people and laugh.

Here is Lucas' Thanksgiving dinner:
And the famous pies:
Lucas taking a bath in the blue tub with his cousin Skyler:
This was many years ago in the same blue tub: Me (about 18 months old), cousin Russell, and sisters Karen, Gina, and Jill. How did we all fit in there?!?

This is one of the times when he was so tired and just let my sister Karen cuddle with him. It was so cute. Climbing up onto the stool, what a clever boy!

"Don't look at me, I am trying to get into something that I shouldn't"

We are very thankful for all of our many blessings. We have been so blessed. We are thankful for family, a warm home, good food, and especially Lucas and his birthparents. We were looking at what we wrote 2 years ago for my grandma's thankful wall. I wrote "One step closer to adopting and hope for the future." We knew that something was going to happen in the next year and we couldn't have guessed how amazing Lucas would be and how grateful we are to be his parents.

Here is a funny story: The other day we were over at Ryan's parent's house. Lucas went into the kitchen and was opening up the cupboard under the sink. Ryan started to tell him No and Lucas then pointed at Ryan and gabbered like he didn't want him to say No. Then when Ryan walked into the kitchen Lucas would run the other way like he didn't want to get in trouble. He did it a few times and it was really funny. It was like he was cursing Ryan for telling him no.

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