Monday, September 12, 2011

Minnesota trip

We had a great trip to Minnesota a couple of weeks ago and I am finally back to my normal schedule now. It was such a wonderful trip and only wish that we could have stayed longer and taken more pictures. We got to go to a Twins' game, the Minnesota state fair, Valleyfair (amusement park), Minnehaha falls, the mall of America, IKEA, visiting my family and a friend there (sister and family, aunt and uncle and cousins, and Ryan's best friend from home that just moved there), and last but certainly not least many amazing visits with Lucas' birth family. Lucas did so well meeting everyone and running on little sleep and naps. We were so happy that he was his normal self. He loved being the center of attention to even more people. We were so happy that we got to make the trip.

Lucas and Julie, his beautiful birth mother

Mall of America

Mall of America Dora ferris wheel

The Twins' game

Lucas watching Tillie the duck with his birth father, Scottie

Lucas up close with the yellow ducks at the state fair. He loved them!

Eating a corn dog (don't worry, we didn't really let him eat it whole, we cut it up for him)

Riding the carousel

Ryan, Lucas, and Scottie at Minnehaha falls

What a great trip! We can't wait to go back and see everyone again!

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