Friday, August 19, 2011

10 Months Old!

Time is really flying. Lucas and I are trying to recover from a week of family reunion camping. It was fun, but I think we were both pretty sleep deprived. He did surprisingly well on short naps. He loved playing wth new people and was full of smiles. I was nervous that he would only let me hold him, but he warmed right up to my family. it gives me hope that next week in Minnesota, he will like everyone.

Lucas has all kinds of new tricks now. He is crawling, pulling himself up to stand, and mastered crawling up the stairs all in the last week! He is crawling all over the house and is discovering ner things everyday. He loves to make a mess with the diapers that are just within his reach. He stands up in his crib all the time now. This has been a hard week for his naps. I thought that he would be so tired from last week and he would be so happy to be in his own crib, but since he learned to stand, he has been taking shorter naps and will just stand up and cry until I come get him. I am not sure what he is doing because the second I pick him up he is asleep in my arms. Maybe he doesn't know how to get back down, but why is he waking up and remembering that he can stand? Today I ran upstairs and then he came following me. He did really well for never trying it before. he was really proud of himself. hewanted to go down headfirst, he hasn't caught on that he needs to go backwards. We will definitely be keeping the gates up.

He is eating a lot of different foods than just baby food and he definitely prefers the non-baby food. His 8 teeth are looking good and I don't think he has anymore coming in right now. Lucas has also learned how to turn the pages in his book when we are reading. He loves when we read to him. Here are some pictures from our trip and some others. Beautiful scenery in Utah My dad and Lucas wearing their hats This is how he had to take many naps at the reunion

He would just pass out at night

He loved the train at my uncle's house

A video of Lucas crawling a couple of days ago:

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  1. Jennie did the same thing when she learned to made for some tough naps until she figured out how to sit back down.
    Cute pics.