Sunday, March 13, 2011

5 Months

This cute boy is 5 months old today!

A serious case of March Madness is developing in our home as we speak. We are so excited for the NCAA basketball tournament. We watched a few conference tournament games. We are BYU fans first and foremost and then we are local favorite Gonzaga fans. My sister got Lucas these jammies and so he wore them last week as we watched them win their conference championship. He looked so cute!

Can you see his teeth popping out?!
I can't believe this boy is 5 months old. He is getting so big. It is amazing how alert he is. He wakes up a happy boy and we can hear him cooing on the monitor and then stays pretty happy the rest of the day. He loves mommy and daddy. The other night my niece stayed over and Lucas had gone to bed. We thought that we could go to a movie, but my niece called shortly after we got there and Lucas had woken up and was just screaming. She tried to calm him down, but I think once he saw that we weren't there, he just was not going to go back to sleep until we got home. He was asleep about 2 minutes after we got home.
He still loves sucking on his hands. He does this every chance he gets. If his blankie is on his hands, he likes to pull it up to his face and suck on that too. He loves watching the Baby Einstein movies. If we are in the car on the way home and it is time to eat he will calm down if I pull out my phone and turn on a Baby Einstein clip. He likes taking baths and being naked. He likes getting his diaper changed especially when we blow on his tummy. He loves standing up and his legs are getting very strong. He tolerates tummy time and gets stronger pushing himself up everyday.
Lucas is such a great baby. We love him so much! It is so fun to watch him grow and learn everyday!

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