Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What's up, Lucas?

Here I am playing catch up again on the blog. Here is a ton of pictures and a video of the cutest little boy!

High school football game

We found this jersey at the store and he was excited to try it on

We got an awesome bubble gun and it is so fun!

We watched a football game at the beginning of the season in our backyard with friends

Chuck E Cheese fun with his friend Brooklyn

Can you tell that this is his favorite?!

One day while friends were over I made this space ship for them to play in. It was a hit!

I found this costume for only $4 and since that is what Lucas said he wanted to be for Halloween I had to buy it. He has gotten $4 out of it for sure. He loves to wear it almost at least once a day.

Watching a movie on the big screen downstairs

Football game on the "jector" as Lucas calls it

Twice a year our church has a conference where we hear from our leaders. We tried to have lots of activities for Lucas to do. He loved finding the pictures of the Prophet and apostles as they were speaking.

We have been teaching Lucas the Prophet and apostle's names. He has done a pretty good job. It is fun to hear his little voice here:
"Just like Perry the Hotopus" (Perry the platypus)

It is a 2 day conference and he had done all of his activities and decided to become an angry bird

Always wants to help me

Iron Man combined with a motorcycle helmet = real fun

He is getting big! And I love these hand me down jammies from a cousin

We have a little photographer

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