Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Julie's visit

We had the pleasure of having Lucas' birth mother, Julie, come and stay and play with us for a few days. Lucas was shy at first (it was close to naptime), but then he warmed up to her pretty quickly. He loved chasing her. I think one of my favorite things of the weekend was Lucas asking Julie, "Go jump on Julie's bed?" and then they would go jump and play. He loved showing off for her. It was great to see them together playing and laughing.
Lucas waiting for Julie to get off the plane

This was right before he pushed her off the rock

I love this picture of Ryan and Lucas

Just chilling

Playing in the backyard

We went on a gondola ride to see the falls

His first carousel ride. He chose to ride on the tiger because it didn't go up and down.

Looking back at Julie and me

The largest Radio Flyer wagon in the world. Julie wasn't too impressed,
I think we made it seem bigger and cooler than it was.

This was the first time that Ryan realized that the blocks say something

We went on a hike around Lake Couer d'Alene (Julie got to visit Washington and Idaho)

It was a beautiful hike

We went to an arena football game (Ryan and I went to one on our first date)

Lucas made this in Nursery at church, so cute!

Sunday evening we went to a great park

I wish we would have brought our camera. I love this picture, but unfortunately it was just on my phone.

Opening the package from Grandma Angie. He loved the Toy Story stickers!

And the Batman cape!

He went straight for the Buzz sticker

Combination of Batman and Puss in Boots with the hat

The cape makes a great blanket for when Batman pretends to sleep.
Saying goodbye is hard to do. This is not a good representation of how Lucas felt about Julie. He had fallen asleep on the way to the airport and was kind of cranky. He was sad to see her go and keeps asking about her, "Where's Julie?" and then answers himself: "Julie at the airport. Julie fly on plane." He saw a plane flying yesterday and said, "Where's Julie going?"
Love these two!

We are so grateful for the relationship that we have with Julie. It was so much fun to have her be here and see Lucas in his own environment. We love Julie! We are so happy to have an open adoption. Thanks for coming and visiting!


  1. I don't visit your blog often, but saw your facebook post about this visit and had to come see the whole post! What a sweet time you guys could share together! Love this!

  2. I keep thinking how brave you are. It is wonderful that Julie gets to see what awesome people you two are. Alicia, you are just awesome.

  3. AMAZING! Open adoptions are great!