Friday, December 28, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year

We have had a wonderful Christmas season, and the celebrations are still going on. Lucas is having so much fun with friends and family. These are the pictures leading up to Christmas Day.

Making Gingerbread houses with friends, Lucas doesn't look too excited, I guess he hadn't eaten enough candy yet

Lucas and his friend Waldo, I mean Drew

Christmas party #1

We got snow on Christmas Eve, Lucas was so excited to play in it

We had a Progressive dinner for Christmas Eve with Ryan's family. We ate the main course at our house. All of the sudden the doorbell rang, one of our neighbors had dressed up as Santa and surprised us and wanted to give the kids presents. They knew we had Lucas, but I don't think they knew that there would be 10 kids over. It was so nice of them. The kids thought it was so great!

After the dinner, we went to Ryan's parent's house and read from Luke 2 and the kids acted out the Nativity. Lucas was Wise Man #2. He did a great job.

Ryan's brother has 5 kids including a baby born in October and he made a perfect Baby Jesus. Ryan's sister has 4 kids. So we had a perfect amount for the Nativity.

Lucas calls Uncle Mike "My Mike"

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