Monday, July 30, 2012

Fun things about Lucas

Our Olympic Flag is hanging up and this is our "Future Olympian"
I wanted to post a few funny things that Lucas has been doing lately:

1) Even though Lucas is too big, he loves to sleep in the ends of his crib either curled up or in an L-shape.

2) He likes to pick up any phone and says "hello." It is really cute

3) The other day Ryan was taking a shower, Lucas opened the door, opened the cupboard and pulled out some of the stuff in it and then climbed in the cupboard and shut the door and peeked out when Ryan got out of the shower. He usually opens the cupboard and pulls out some of his bath toys and puts them in the shower so we can use them.

4) He loves playing with his cousins. He loves being at Grandma and Grandpa's house with all the cousins and going down the slide.

5) He has started doing a really weird dance that we are calling the broken chicken wing because he puts his ear to his shoulder and holds his arm up.

6) We went to a store and he immediately climbed in the wagon and wanted me to pull him around. When we got inside he climbed on this bike and I pushed him around in it. It was nice because then he didn't run away.

7) He still loves going to the library and knows immediately what he wants to do

8) He loves to boss us around and tell us to sit. He says sit really well, but a couple of weeks ago he started saying something like sit in the car. We aren't sure what he was wanting to say, but he added an "h" in the middle of sit, so it sounded like a swear word. He kept saying it over and over. We tried not to laugh because we didn't want him to keep saying it, but it was really funny. He hasn't said it lately, so that is good.

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