Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just like Daddy

Ryan really likes my cooking to the point where he licks his plate after dinner. Lucas has watched his daddy do this and know thinks that he should do it too. It is pretty funny to watch him. He usually has a plastic plate, but the other day demanded my plate and licked it clean.

Lucas was going up stairs to meet Ryan and Ryan was going downstairs. Lucas made Ryan sit down with him so Lucas could eat the rest of his cookie.

Lucas loves to get Ryan's electric razor and pretend like he is shaving. He is such a smart little boy!

Lucas loves brushing his teeth. After he drinks his milk at night I tell him that it is time to brush his teeth, he jumps up and runs to the bathroom. He lets me brush them and then he likes to do it too. Lucas has recently learned how to fold his arms when we say prayers. When we wrap him in his blanket and bring him upstairs he starts to fold his arms because we always say prayers before he goes to sleep. It is really cute. He is growing up so much and is learning so much.

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