Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Birthday Party

With some help from my sister, I planned and executed a great 1st birthday party for Lucas. We had a wonderful time.

The invitations (designed and created by my sister):
The walkway leading to the party:

The entryway had these enormous balloons:

The candy station (the drawer had little boxes for the guests to put their candy):

The party room:

The cake! Of course because Lucas loves yellow ducks. I made this. I packed the bucket with styrofoam then pieced two cakes on top. I used cream cheese frosting tinted blue. The duck was made from a duck cake pan that I bought online. Then I decorated it with buttermilk frosting, m&ms for the eyes, and then their are marshmallows as the bubbles (another of Lucas' favorite things).

For snacks and appetizers we had salad with carmelized almonds and homemade poppyseed dressing, homemade pretzel tots with cheese, cream cheese frosting, and pumpkin spiced cream cheese frosting, pigs in a blankets (lil smokies wrapped in crescent rolls) and cocktail meatballs.

Chocolate milk was the beverage of choice in these cute bottles with yellow and white striped straws:

Lucas didn't always know what to do, but when opening some presents he would do his surprised face (not in this picture though)

I sewed the 1 and party hat on this onesie. I thought he looked so cute!

Cake time. He actually did end up blowing his candle out after we lit it after his 2 year old cousin blew it out for him.

We decided to give him the duck head:

The next day we took some pictures with the big balloons:

It was such a fabulous party. I don't think that I am going to do this elaborate of a party every year, but for his first, I wanted to do something extra special.

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