Tuesday, December 14, 2010


On Friday, December 10, we went to the courthouse with our lawyer to finalize Lucas' adoption. The lawyer introduced the case to the judge as a petition to finalize the adoption and change the baby's name from Baby Boy Z. to Lucas Alexander N. We were sworn in and our lawyer asked us a few questions: What are names were and our address; how we came to receive Lucas into our family; how long we had had him for; if we understood the responsibilities that came with parenthood. The judge was pleased with our desire to be this baby's parents. He asked us if we had anything else to say and we told him how we love Lucas so much and from the instant that we met him we knew he was supposed to be our son. We have such an unconditional love for him. The judge signed the adoption decree and said that he wanted to be the first to congratulate us on this adoption. I then asked if we could take some pictures with him. It was a great experience. We were so happy! And we still are! Lucas was such a handsome boy. I went to so many different stores trying to find him an outfit that would fit him.

Officially a family of 3!

My mom was able to be there with us

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